Libby’s Sweet Escapes started with Libby Salvati. A breast cancer survivor, Libby wanted to start fundraising and was looking for new and engaging ways to do so. That’s when Libby’s Sweet Escapes was born. Besides the artistic creativity displayed in every hand made decorative cookie, Libby’s Sweet Escapes produces over a dozen different varieties of cookies which truly creates a taste unlike any other company. These delicious cookies create the 7 pound base for every large tray and were the true inspiration for “They Taste as Good as They Look!” She’s always on the hunt for new and unique recipes…you never know when you might find a new treasure on your tray!

From the company’s inception, these 7 seven words have repeated on the lips of our customers time and time again. What started out as a hobby and fundraising technique, quickly grew into a full service cookie company. As more men, women and children had the opportunity to taste these remarkable productions, the more the demand just continued to grow for these amazing cookies!

Libby’s Sweet Escapes is now a full service cookie distributor which specializes in themed cookie trays, party favors, cookie bouquets and individually decorated cookies for any occasion. No matter what the theme or request, we can accommodate your needs. We also ship to anywhere in the continental United States. Each themed cookie is cut and decorated by hand so that every tray and cookie is completely personalized and designed upon request. From birthday parties to engagement parties, christenings, graduations and every other social or family function, Libby’s Sweet Escapes are making their way to palates of children and adults all over the country!


Libby Salvati, Proprietor